• Interior design

    1300 rub/sq m

    We create comprehensive solutions. The process starts with detailed brief filling and selecting references. This is followed by development of collages and layouts. Finally, we end up with original well-designed concept. You just worry about realization.



    -working documentation

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  • Mix design

    1000 rub/sq m

    Next step is selection of essential supplies and creation of data table and item numbers. As a result, you get a detailed plan with all the items of the interior from plaster to nightstand.

    • Selecting finishing materials, furniture and inventory.
    • Design of built-in furniture and individual interior arts.
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  • Supply

    10% from the purchase by estimate

    An important part of object implementation is supply. We help you calculate the budget, select different options for materials. Note: in estimate we not only put a price, we’re having price analysis and select a better offer.  We supervise suppliers and agree on maximum discounts.

    • Budgeting for finishing materials, equipment, furniture and interior arts with delivery time and prices with discounts
    • Purchase organization
    • Supervision of suppliers, inspection of materials at the facility.
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  • Close supervision



    Perfect option if you want to be 200% sure of the result. We supervise construction process and guarantee the finished interior will be exactly the same as in the design project.

    • Control over the compliance of construction works with drawings
    • Advising the head foreman on the project in the course of work
    • Correction of drawings
    • Regular site visits
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